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Rongcheng RongYing rubber products co., LTD., the introduction of international advanced technology、Promote large-scale production ability,Mind standing industry forefront of dream,To become China's most competitive professional tube and solid tyre production base of the target firm。Rongcheng RongYing rubber products co., LTD all staff sincerely look forward to working with global partners win-win co-prosperity。

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       Rongcheng RongYing rubber products co., LTD. Is a collection research and development、Production and sales in one of professional tire production units。
       The company hasROLVAN、RONGYING、XUNTENG、GOLD COINSuch as multiple independent brands,Products covered by the rim、Pressure distribution type、Radial plate, fast loading type solid tyre series, etc,300A variety of specifications,Annual production capacity of up to30Article ten thousand。The company was named the national high-tech enterprises,Independent research and development ability,Close cooperation with institutions of higher learning and related field,It happened30Patents and increase every year。
       In the process of production,RongYing grasps“Strives for the survival by the quality,To the quality seeks the development”The guidelines,All-round implementation5SManagement,From raw materials procurement procedures are strictly the quality pass,Semi-finished products、Are according to the mature and strict production technology and process flow for precise specifications,And equipped with professional quality supervision team to monitor each product in the production of the whole cycle、Record……

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RongYing rubber rongcheng cherry blossoms lake pace activities
In order to active worker style life,Alleviate the pressure of the work,Enhance staff team consciousness、Cooperation spirit,Create a healthy corporate culture atmosphere,Guide them take an active part in sports fitness activities,Constantly improve the level of consciousness of fitness and health,Company to unions and league branch5Month4Jointly held a date in“I exercise my health”As the theme of his pace。??Bathed in the bright spring day,Watching the cherry blossom beautiful lake view,Along the way,Few laughs,In high spirit,Enthusiastic,With the pace of relaxed and happy,From time to time communication between the fitness tips,Along the track echoed with laughter。?????For
RongYing rubber and eastern shandong university to join hands in creating brilliant
2018Years5Month12Day,Rongcheng RongYing rubber products co., LTD. In between, a professor at the university of leadership50Many people,Open the prelude to university-enterprise cooperation between two parties。  The picture shows the company led experts and scholars to visit the workshop。  ?  ?  RongYing rubber is specializing in the production of all kinds of solid tyre,It has been committed to technological innovation and professional talent training,Continuously improve enterprise core competitiveness。As a well-known colleges and universities in our province in eastern university,In the chemical new materials and other fields has a strong research and development strength and scientific research and talent reserves。Cooperation between both sides,Whether in the cultivation of talents、Academic exchanges,In the new technology research and development、Scientific research achievements
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Strict on ehs,Tribute the 19th  This year9Months,Countries to the enterprise more strict environmental protection and safety production,And assigned to teams to go to all parts of the country,Found significant problems directly production seized。Local via letter response instructions spirit,Instant chemical enterprise transformation and upgrading of the office,Specifically to supervise the local enterprises to carry out rectification。  Upon receipt of the notice from a superior,RongYing rubber immediately transferred personnel set up the new security environmental protection department,Responsible for the supervision of the company's security、Environmental control and energy management,From three aspects to strengthen environmental protection and safety production regulation to the factory。  A、Comprehensive environmental regulation  8Month

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